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Legal. Your relationship is with Rithanya.com, a India based company, and you agree to be bound by the laws of the country. You agree that Rithanya.com can use the data you provide to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy provided at http://www.rithanya.com/privacy.

Your content

Ownership :

You retain all rights and ownership of your own content. Rithanya.com will not claim any ownership rights of your content.

License to Your Content :

Even though we don’t claim ownership of your content, we do need certain licenses to your content in order to operate and enable the Services. When you upload or submit content to our Services, you grant Rithanya.com (and our parents and affiliates) a license to communicate, distribute, host, make changes (for the purpose of better showcase of your work), publicly display, publicly perform, publish, reproduce, store, and use such content. The license granted by you is for the only purpose of operating, marketing, promoting, and improving our Services. We will attribute to you if we incorporate your content into a Rithanya.com feature or into promotional or marketing materials.

Accessing and Sharing Your Content :

By submitting your content to our Services, you also give other Rithanya.com users the right to share your content via various social medial platforms integrated with Rithanya.com. We may offer you ways to access and remove your content.Our Service may also provide ways for you to limit the scope of use and access and other user’s access and use of your content. You are responsible for determining the limitations that are placed on your content and for applying the appropriate level of access to your content. We do not monitor or control what others do with your content. It’s your responsibility to let other users know how your content may be shared and adjust the setting related to accessing and sharing your content accordingly

Termination of License

You may terminate this license at any time by removing your content from the Services. However, you agree that Rithanya.com may retain and use copies of your content for archival or backup purposes and for the investigation purpose mentioned later.


You have no obligation to provide Rithanya.com with ideas, suggestions or proposals (“Feedback”).If you submit Feedback to Rithanya.com, we may use it for any purpose without compensation to you and have no obligation to keep your Feedback confidential.

Who Can Use Our Services?

Service Eligibility

You can only use our Services if you are over 18 years old, it is legal for you to use our Services, and you are legally capable of entering into a binding contract

On Advertising with our Portal_Amend_T&C

    A. PUBLISHER and/or our Associates, reserves the right at its absolute discretion, and at any time, to cancel any advertising order or reject any advertising copy, whether or not the same has already been acknowledged and/or previously published. In addition, PUBLISHER and/or our Associates reserves the right to remove from selected copies of the publication advertisements containing matter that subscribers have deemed objectionable or fraudulent. In the event of such cancellation or rejection by PUBLISHER and/or our Associates, advertising already run shall be paid for at the rate that would apply if the entire order were published. Cancellation of any portion of any advertising order or contract by or on behalf of the Advertiser or failure to have published the specified number of pages automatically nullifies any rate discount, including for previously published advertisements, and may result in a short-rate. In such event, the Advertiser and/or Agency must reimburse PUBLISHER or OUR ASSOCIATES for the short-rate within 30 days of invoice therefore

    B. PUBLISHER and/or our Associates do not guarantee ad placement.

    C. Ads requiring money, to be sent through Cheque/Cash/Online payment before publishing.

    D. All real estate advised herein is subject to the government policies and as amended.

    E. Orders that contain rates that vary from the rates listed herein shall not be binding on PUBLISHER or OUR ASSOCIATES and may be inserted and charged for at the actual schedule of rates.

    F. Advertisements that simulate editorial content must be clearly defined and labeled “ADVERTISEMENT” and PUBLISHER and/or our Associates may, at their sole discretion.

    G. In the event of errors in advertisements that have not been approved by the Advertiser or its Agency or omissions of any advertisement(s), PUBLISHER’s and/or OUR ASSOCIATES’s liability shall not exceed a refund of amounts paid to PUBLISHER or OUR ASSOCIATES for the advertisement. The Advertiser is responsible for checking the accuracy of their published advertisement in the first issue in which it appears and reporting any errors immediately following publication of said issue. No compensation will be made for errors not reported immediately following publication of the first issue in which the advertisement appears. Neither PUBLISHER nor OUR ASSOCIATES are responsible for errors in key numbers or for any error due to illegibly written copy. Neither the PUBLISHER nor OUR ASSOCIATES will be liable for errors in advertisements that are submitted and/or approved by the Advertiser or its Agency.

    H. The Advertiser and its Agency, if there be one, each represent that any advertising (including product samples) submitted complies with all applicable laws and regulations and does not violate the rights of, and is not harmful to, any person, corporation or other entity. As part of the consideration to induce PUBLISHER to publish such advertisement, the Advertiser and its Agency, if there be one, each agrees jointly and severally to indemnify and save harmless PUBLISHER and/or our Associates, together with their employees and representatives, against all liability, loss, damage, and expense of any nature, including attorney’s fees, arising out of any claims for libel, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark infringement and/or any other claim or suit that may arise out of the copying, printing, publishing, distribution or transmission of such advertisement.

    I. In the event an order is placed by an Agency on behalf of the Advertiser, such Agency warrants and represents that it has full right and authority to place such order on behalf of the Advertiser and that all legal obligations arising out of the placement of the advertisement will be binding on both the Advertiser and the Agency.

    J. The Advertiser and its Agency, if there be one, agree to be jointly and severally liable for the payment of all bills and charges incurred for each advertisement placed on the Advertiser’s behalf. Advertiser authorizes PUBLISHER and/or our Associates, at its election, to tender any bill to the Agency, and such tender shall constitute due notice to the Advertiser of the bill and such manner of billing shall in no way impair or limit the joint and several liability of the Advertiser and Agency. Payment by the Advertiser to the Agency shall not discharge the Advertiser’s liability to PUBLISHER or OUR ASSOCIATES. The rights of PUBLISHER or OUR ASSOCIATES shall in no way be affected by any dispute or claim between the Advertiser and the Agency.

    K. The Advertiser or Agency may not use any advertising space either directly or indirectly for any business, organization, enterprise, product, or service other than that for which the advertising space is provided by PUBLISHER and/or our Associates, nor may the Advertiser or Agency authorize any others to use any advertising space.

    M. The Advertiser and/or Agency agrees to reimburse PUBLISHER or OUR ASSOCIATES for its fees and costs in collecting any unpaid charge or portion of the charge for any advertisement.

    N. The copyright in any unpublished advertisement created by OUR ASSOCIATES is owned by OUR ASSOCIATES, and may not be otherwise used by the Advertiser without OUR ASSOCIATES’s prior written consent. The Advertiser and/or Agency agree that any advertisements published may, at OUR ASSOCIATES’s and the PUBLISHER’s option, be included in all media, whether now in existence or hereafter developed, in which the issue containing the advertisement is published, reproduced, distributed, displayed, performed, or transmitted, in whole or in part.

    O. Rates and units of space are effective with the April 1st 2016. Orders for issues thereafter will be at the rates then prevailing.