Best Split AC to Buy In India

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 With the drastic change in climatic conditions across the world where the climate is reaching the extreme points, keeping in mind the hot weather here, the use of Air Conditioners have become very common. One just cannot bear the uncomfortable humid weather and the other cooling products such as fans & coolers do not provide satisfactory results, so the use of air conditioner is increasing day by day. Now instead of having those big bulky AC’s, top companies such as LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic, Videocon etc. have designed compact split & window Ac’s at your budget. 

Our Pick's

    Split AC

Bench Mark Product Name Model Name Key Features Price
ValueForMoneySansuiflipkartSSD35WS1_MDA1 ton, aluminium condenser, 999W, 5 star₹ 19,499
ValueForMoneyMitashiflipkartMiSAC103v151 ton, copper condenser, 1063W, 3 star₹ 19,999
ValueForMoneySansuiflipkartSSD331 ton, copper condenser, 1092W, 3 star₹ 19,990
ValueForMoneyHyundaiflipkartHS4G33.GCO-CM1 ton, copper condenser, 1092W, 3 star₹ 19,900
ValueForMoneyKenstaramazonKSZ53.WS1-MDA1.5 ton, aluminium condenser, 1648W, 3 star₹ 19,990
ValueForMoneyIntexflipkartSA12CU3CGED-BR1 ton, copper condenser, 1070W, 3 star₹ 20,999
Bench Mark Product Name Model Name Key Features Price
ValueForMoneyMitashiflipkart  MiSAC10INv203400W cooling, 1310W, 3.60W/W₹ 23,999
ValueForMoneySansuiflipkart  SS4C34.WS1-CM3450W cooling, 1035W, 3.56W/W ₹ 24,499
ValueForMoneyOnidaflipkart  INV12IRS 3500W cooling, 1210W₹ 25,999
ValueForMoneyOnidaamazon   INV12TDN3500W cooling, 1210W₹ 25,999
ValueForMoneyOnidaflipkart  INV12VRV 3517W cooling, 1095W, 3.83W/W ₹ 26,999
ValueForMoneyLGflipkart  JS-Q12BPXA3450W cooling, 1100W, 3.86W/W₹ 27,999
ValueForMoneyWhirlpoolflipkart  1.0T EZ Fantasia3470W cooling, 1340W, 3.55W/W₹ 29,399
ValueForMoneySamsungflipkart  AR12MV3HETS3200W cooling, 1060W, 3.61W/W₹ 34,836
Bench Mark Product Name Model Name Key Features Price
ValueForMoneySansuiflipkart  SS4C54.WS1-CM 4950W cooling, 1590W, 3.77W/W ₹ 27,999
ValueForMoney Mitashiflipkart MiSAC15INv205000W cooling, 1850W, 3.60W ₹ 28,999
ValueForMoneyIntexflipkart  SS183TC-CB5000W cooling, 1850W, 3.60W ₹ 28,999
ValueForMoneyHyundaiflipkart HS4I54.GC0-CM4950W cooling, 3.11W₹ 29,990