Astrology Consultation

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We're a group of experienced astrologers giving Astrological predictions.  We specialize in Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vaasthu, Prashna-Horary Astrology. From birth of a child, we'll be able to cast a horoscope/kundali & give prediction and also do the rest of predictions like marriage matching, muhurtham - best time for starting a new business etc and doing DHOSHA Parikarams 


Our Services include Naming new born child via Numerology, New Company/Firm/Industry & Change of name, Computerized Horoscope, Prediction on Horoscope, Horoscope Matching for Marriage, Astrological Consultation for Business etc

Palmistry Consultation

For Appointments, please call +91-9790988110.





Using Thiru ganitham, Vakya Panchangam we caste horoscopes our Astrologers foretell the future.


A simple, effective and exact system for the purpose of making predictions. Lucky numbers, advise lucky names, change of spellings, names for business organizations based on Date of Birth.

Palmistry (Palm-History)

By understanding hand type, its kind, formation of various lines, mounts and different marks and sign's on the palm


Vastu Sastra is the science of architecture.  In today's scenario, Vastu is important while dealing with building a house, building etc.  Muhurtha is another aspect of house building which needs to be considered 


Prashna Technique will reveal whether a desire will be fulfilled or not. Prashna gives answers in either a yes or no. For e.g. Will i win or lose in any court case, health issue, or will be person who left/disappeared from his home will come back or not etc 

Marriage Matching

Marriage matching starts just with 10 Poruthams, but they are not the complete list for finalizing the matching of marriages. Horoscopes are verified in all possible manner before taking a decision. This includes muhurthas etc